Detail from Ocean Depths "Floating Debris"

FRequently Asked Questions

How do you specify dimensions, and what measurement system do you use?

We define dimensions in centimeters and, as is customary in the art industry, we specify height first, then width: height x width (in centimeters).


Where does the name 'WAIART' come from?

waɪ is the phonetic transcription of the letter Y, as written using the International Phonetic Alphabet. We started with the term 'Y-Art', given that our principal artist signs her works 'YR'. The thought process went something like this:
YR ⇒ Y-Art ⇒ Why Art ⇒ waɪ Art ⇒ WAIART


Where is WAIART based?

WAIART is based in Madrid, Spain.

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