WAIART Editions

WAIART publishes and manages the digital print editions by Spanish/American artist Yolanda del Riego.

Our original digital artworks are all:
    • original compositions created as works of art in their own right and not as a copies of other works,
    • created directly by the artist, Yolanda del Riego, using digital tools and technologies, 
    • conceived via the same creative expression applied in other traditional art media.

Our digital artworks are printed on physical supports (for example 'paper') so you can experience it in the same way as a traditional fine art object. The latest digital printing technologies make it possible to print on almost any kind of physical surface (glass, aluminum, fabrics, acrylic glass, wood, etc.) and we actively seek interesting affinities between artwork and support.


All artworks are plate-signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


WAIART Limited Editions
At WAIART we like to explore the relationship between artwork and support. As each support and printing method adds its own distinctive — and often transformational — qualities to an artwork, you may see the same artwork offered on different supports and in more than one format/size.
In our limited editions, the unique combination of artwork + support type + support size constitutes an edition. Editions based on the same artwork run in parallel to each other, with independent edition sizes. We call them “parallel limited editions”, to differentiate them from "classical" limited editions.
Each impression is uniquely numbered on the back, along with the edition size and artist's hand-signature.

WAIART Open Editions are open numbered editions.
Each impression is uniquely numbered on the back, indicating the sequence in which it was printed.

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